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Pandeia is a European youth journalism platform; giving a voice to youth issues and an arena for youth media organisations.

We release regular content (articles, videos, photo essays and more) every week around news, comment, culture, current affairs and specifically reflecting on issues that matter to young people in Europe and beyond. Student and mainstream news alike have a tendency to fragment and localise issues that – if you widen your scope – have a much deeper impact. Whether feminist issues of reproductive politics, environmentalism, student activism or a more cynical look at European politics, Pandeia removes stories from the confines of a single campus and makes them more available and relevant to a wider youth movement.

We’re only eighteen months old, but we’re already operating with the inclusion of 18 nationalities and over 60 regular contributors from across the world. In September 2014, we started a relaunch of our content on campuses across Europe in time for freshers week and an influx of new students and readers. To keep our audience captivated, we are creating a weekly e-newsletter highlighting the best of our content and sent straight to our readers inboxes.

Earlier this year, we became a youth partner of UNESCO’s global steering committee, and we’ve worked closely in a collaboration with the EU in the run up to last year’s elections. We have continued our work with the mainstream media in particular with the BBC concerning young people’s voices during the Scottish Independence Referendum and in the lead up to last year’s General Election. At the end of 2015 we became an official media partner of the Young European Council taking place in Brussels.

We have student media partners as far off as Chile, and currently exist monthly – in paper form – alongside our Danish partners – Delphinen.

Our content is flourishing, our student media partners are rapidly expanding and our readership is increasing weekly.  Find out more: [email protected]