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Pandeia at Northside: Lukas Graham, Sigur Rós and some blasts from the past

Sigur Ros

This year’s Northside festival had something of a gloomy quality to it. As the weekend approached, storm clouds started to gather on the horizon before slowly rolling over the festival.


The first night saw the best of the weather greet an eclectic mix of acts. From Deftones on the green stage, to Lukas Graham, before Chemical Brothers in the evening. While not this writer’s favourite performer, Graham certainly hit a tone with the locals.

Combining his increasingly popular repertoire with a healthy dose of interaction with the crowd (in Danish of course), thousands turned out to see his performance as night crept in. Deftones also drew a large crowd, making the most of those who’d turned out to see the 80s metal outfit.


Saturday saw more uniform acts as the myriad of genres on Friday melted into a more modern, Indie feel. The Vaccines, filling in for Frances, kicked off the evening on the P6 beat stage.

The Vaccines set had the hallmarks of the young and old vibe the previous day, playing a number of songs from their latest album before launching into crowd pleasers ‘Post Break-Up Sex’, ‘Wreckin Bar’ before finishing on ‘If You Wanna’. Despite getting the crowd going, the 45 minutes allocated for their set never felt quite enough.

Meanwhile on the blue stage Sigur Rós were performing hot on the heels of Iceland’s maginificent 1-1 draw with Hungary in the football (they won’t get anywhere right?), playing slow melodic tunes to a swaying crowd as the sun set on the second day.

They preceded Beach House on the Green Stage who, perhaps a little too closely, mirrored Sigur Rós’ calming, yet epic sets. They drew a large crowd nonetheless and set up nicely ahead of Jamie XX and AV AV AV.


The final day of Northside saw a rush of acts throughout the afternoon, including the likes of Jake Bugg and Bloc Party before another blast from the past, Duran Duran, emerged on the green stage to perform a number of crowd pleasers from their 80s heyday.

This set up nicely for the final act of the weekend, Beck. Many of the party goers of the previous few days had started to wander home, perhaps too tired to face another late night and weary of work in the morning.

Despite this, Beck produced arguably the performance of the weekend, mixing songs from across his career including plenty from the excellent Guero album of 2005. This combined with a growing interaction with the crowd rounded off a successful weekend and left many excited for what next year may bring.

Words and photo by Greg Bianchi

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