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Help speak truth to power through YouthMetre

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Are you aged between 18 and 29, a UK resident, have an interest in EU politics and a desire to speak truth to power from a young person’s perspective?

If so, we want to hear from you.

Pandeia is working in collaboration with six other organisations, including the European Youth Press and ARS 4 Progress of People to host a study group for the Youthmetre project.

We’re looking for a number of young people from across London to take part to help develop the project further.

What is the YouthMetre project?

YouthMetre is a project aimed at improving opportunities for young people across Europe, as well as ensuring that they are engaged in policy making decisions.

The project will culminate in the development of an online ‘app’ where young people can discuss the impact policies have on them and suggest ways they can be improved.

Decision makers across Europe will be able to easily see the way their policies are perceived by young people, thereby giving them a say in the policy-making process.

This will provide a clear, direct link between young people and policy development. The project is being funded by the European Commission and requires young people across Europe to engage in the early stages of development.

What will the study group include?

The study group will take place in London on 21-22 October 2016. The exact venue will be confirmed to successful applicants.

During the study group, participants will be asked to engage with the study and suggest ways it can be improved. This will help refine the app further and ensure it is useful for young people across Europe.

Why is this important?

All too often, young people feel left out of the decision making process, or believe that politicians and their policies don’t reflect the issues they face as a generation. What’s more, youth engagement in politics is low and projects like these seek to address this.

Benefits from taking part in a study group

Through participation in a YouthMetre Study Group, you will develop an in-depth knowledge of the various European policies and programmes affecting young people. In particular, you will see:

Certificate of attendance

All attendees will receive a certificate of attendance to the study group, providing evidence of the skills achieved. This includes: the European Commission Youth Strategy, Eight Key Areas of Action of the Youth, Indicators and Project development in Youth field.

Participation in the 2017 training for ‘multipliers’ (Brussels)

One participant from each Study Group will be selected to attend the Brussels training for multipliers session which will take place in February 2017.

The Training for multipliers session will provide an in-depth focus on the activities carried out during YouthMetre Study Group, while linking these ideas with young Europeans from 15 different EU Member states.

The training will focus on the understanding of how EU Youth Policy has evolved from an incremental approach to that of a more coherent framework.

Through hands-on participation, brainstorming sessions, and workshop activities, YouthMetre training will focus on collective understanding of the realm of EU Policy and democratic participation and engagement. This will then present a case for change, develop influence and evaluate outcomes.

Reasonable travel and accommodation costs will be covered.

How do I apply?

Simply send an email, with a short description of why you want to help with this project to [email protected] and copy in [email protected]

We will then get in touch in the following weeks to let you know if you’ve been successful, and if so will provide some further details about the study group itself.

Best of luck, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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