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Young European Council – Day Two

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Today was the beginning of negotiations at the Young European Council 2015.

The delegates were prepared to debate and negotiate on the three main topics of the event: migration and home affairs, energy and climate action and education to employment.

The panel debating education to employment looked specifically at the symptoms of youth unemployment – most pertinently the major gap between young people and employers particularly when they leave education.

One of the panel members highlighted their desire to see education across Europe change from a typical check box on the route to employment – to moving towards valuing social skills and less academic abilities. The panel also urged young people to gain more knowledge about their rights and what is available education wise within their own countries.

Meanwhile at the energy and climate action discussion – policy proposals were in their infancy as discussion focused on the role of greenhouses to begin with.

As the panel moved onto the voting procedures there was the first agreement reached among the delegates.

However, vehement disagreement broke out when delegates from Canada and Finland voiced their disappointment with delegates voting against proposals on the Northern Dimension Policy.

There was also a Migration and Home Affairs panel – two attendees of the event Nadim Baker and Yannick Somauroo discussed Somauroo’s action plan on the EU: 

Jean Lambert one of the UK’s Green MEPs was also present at the Young European Council 2015 and afterwards offered these thoughts on proceedings:

Alongside the debates on migration, the organisers at the Young European Council managed to grab a chat with the Norwegian Ambassador Torbjørn Frøysnes on Monday, who had a fascinating insight on a number of topics.

After a hard day’s negotiating, the delegates and organisers met for a well earned eat and drink at the European Commission.

All delegates were left looking forward to the Young European Council on day 3.

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