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Introducing: Giro d’Italia

NSWV MercuriusAs you might have heard or read already, the Giro d’Italia 2016 will start in the Netherlands. Pandeia has asked us, N.S.W.V. Mercurius to give you some local articles about the Giro d’Italia.

The Nijmeegse Studenten Wieler Vereniging Mercurius is a cycling association for students at the Radboud University and HAN University of Applied Sciences in the city of Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Preceding the Giro d’Italia itself.

We will provide you with some basic information about the Giro d’Italia, but also about local side events such as the ‘Voerweg Time Trial’, our very own ‘Giro Koppeltijdrit’ and much more.


This year, the Giro d’Italia 2016 will start in the Netherlands.

To be more precise, there will be a time trial prologue in the city of Apeldoorn, subsequently followed by a race starting in Arnhem and finishing in Nijmegen, vice versa on the third day via a different route.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 14.57.20

Giro d’Italia 2016 route map. The first stage (pink) is a time trial in the city of Apeldoorn, the second stage (blue) goes from Arnhem to Nijmegen and the third stage (red) goes from Nijmegen to Arnhem.

Let us briefly introduce you to our city of Nijmegen. Nijmegen, or Ulpia Noviomagus Batavorum as the Romans used to call it, is probably the oldest city in the Netherlands and is over 2,000 years old. Due to the Roman encampment on the Waal river bank, traders sought protection under the the Roman army, causing Nijmegen to become a city of trade.

Nijmegen has a colourful history. From medieval rulers such as Keizer Karel de Grote (Emperor Karel the Great), to Spain in the 16th century, the French in the 17th century and the Germans during WWII. The German occupation left its most significant scars to the city due to allied bombings. Soon after the liberation, reconstruction started and our Radboud University that already dates back to 1923, reopened.

Later, N.S.W.V. Mercurius was founded in 2001 by two students who were looking for a cycling club for students. There was no such thing yet, so they decided to begin one themselves. Within no time, Mercurius grew to 100 members and has 126 members today.

In the next days we will tell you much more about the Giro d’Italia and local side events such as the ‘Voerweg TT’ and our very own ‘Giro Koppeltijdrit’. Stay tuned!

Map courtesy of and National Geographic. To see more about the routes visit the website here.

Words by NSWV Mercurius.

Feature image by Gert Jan Kole.

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