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Campaign against Reggaeton lyrics goes viral


Campaign against Reggaeton lyrics
The caption reads: “she likes getting hardly hit and she likes to be eaten…” fragment of the song ‘En la cama’ by Daddy Yankee.

Disturbing pictures portraying sexual harassment situations by Colombian photographer Lineyl Ibáñez and a group of Graphic Design students aim to raise awareness about the role of women within Reggaeton music industry.

The campaign #UsaLaRazón promoted on Facebook and Twitter asserts that 8 out of 10 women that listen to Reggaeton feel ‘harassed’ by the lyrics. Campaigners claim that Reggaeton lyrics and music videos undermine women and identify their image as mere sexual objects.

Campaign against Reggaeton lyrics
The caption is a fragment of the song ‘La Bellaquera’ by Arcangel: “if you were a clove and I were a hammer, I would nail you…”

Pictures are inspired in the most popular Reggaeton songs worldwide where sexual harassment, denigration of women or rape actions are explicit.  Under the slogan “be rational, music should not denigrate you” (original slogan in Spanish: “usa la razón, que la música no denigre tu condición”) this campaign aims to provoke a reaction in young women, the biggest target audience for this music style.

Sexual harassment within Reggaeton industry
The caption reads: “she likes sushi but made of hot meat, and she can feel it, she goes all crazy” part of the song ‘Mujeres talentosas’ by Franco el Gorila.

The campaign started in Colombia but has quickly spread all over the world through social media. The idea came as a result of an academic research that shows how women simply accept certain music content.

Campaign against Reggaeton lyrics
“In my bed I put it into the middle, I grab her and put her down” fragment of the song ‘Yo le doy por el suyo’ by Mr Fox.

Campaigners have made very clear that critics are just against music content and sexist visual image that Reggaeton music industry promotes.


Photo credit: Usa la razón Official Facebook page

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