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Ahead of the 2015 election – What’s your opinion?

Simon & His Camera

2015 will arguably see the tightest run General Election campaign in living memory. The coalition will go its separate ways and vie for votes from an increasingly divided electorate. The rise of UKIP has put question marks over traditional Tory seats, while the Liberal Democrats will seek to persuade voters on their record in government.

Labour will be seeking to end five years in the political wilderness, with one eye on the SNP and the Greens.

But what will be the result? What will this election change? Will we see a return of the status quo or a radical coalition?

In 2014, 16 year olds were allowed to vote. The Scottish independence referendum caught the Westminster parties off guard and many are calling for 16 year olds to have the vote in UK-wide elections.

Having said this, young people are among the least likely to vote in the UK – this is something which the major parties have been criticised for over recent years, most notably with the rise in tuition fees. Much has been said about how to include young people in politics, with some suggesting that young people see nothing to gain from the political process.

Schemes such as the BBC Generation 2015 are aiming to change this trend and promote young voices ahead of the campaign. They are currently accepting applications from 18-24 year olds to help in their election coverage – from quizzing party leaders to being questioned on Newsnight.

With even seasoned pundits finding it impossible to call the election at this stage, many are suggesting that young people may hold the answer and will significantly affect this election.

We at Pandeia encourage everyone to get their voices out there ahead of the election – you might well be a part of history.

Those interested in applying should visit Applications close 2 February 2015

The production team can be contacted on twitter @BBCGen2015, or via producer Dave Howard – dave.howard2(AT)

Words by Pandeia Editors

Picture by Simon & His Camera



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