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Never Underestimate The Media Startup – Social Media Week Hamburg

‘Startup’ – we could say that it was the buzzword of 2014. Of course, last week in Hamburg, during Social Media Week, they did not forget to pay attention to media startups. Pandeia attended one event that was titled “Don’t underestimate media startups”.

As punctual as Germans can be, the event started half an hour earlier than planned. According to the organization, it was a spontaneous decision, as the panel members were already present and didn’t want to wait for another thirty minutes. It was also very spontaneous for the people who were on time but were actually half an hour late.

So your reporter missed out on the beginning, but catching up during the second half of the event, it soon became clear: we actually already know what startups are and what they could mean in the wonderful world of media. Yes, startups need mentors with an expertise to help them out and share their knowledge and experience. Yes, problems vary from business to business, so mentors and startups need to help each other. And yes, in the end it all comes down to capturing people’s attention and building a relationship.

What was new and what did we learn? Well, soon The Next Media Accelerator will come to Hamburg to ‘boost your business’. They offer a three-month mentoring program for tech-startups that will bring them to the innovative cities in the US: New York City, Silicon Valley’s Palo Alto and San Francisco. According to Meindorf Ellers, one of tonight’s panel members and involved with The Next Accelerator, it will give startups a jump start in order to get “from the ground floor to third floor.”

And a crucial term for startups, which we should never forget: CATS. Content, Advertising, Technology and Service – shortened CATS – are the most relevant points for a startup. Keep this forever in your mind and your next media startup shall be a success.

Words by Victorine Sandkyul

Images: Social Media Week Hamburg

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