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Like Pandeia? Donate Here!

Voice of the Students! 
Pandeia is a Pan European student media website aiming to give a voice to students and a platform to student media. We’re all student volunteers aiming to give exposure, training and resources to new journalists and media organizations, and a space where the issues that affect young people across the continent are broadcast and understood in a wider context.

We’re growing! 
Our team is growing, our content is flourishing and our readership is multiplying. We have just launched a Culture section  which we hope can grow into as much of a success as the rest of our website. Included within this, we hope to have a multimedia and photography section.

Photography Competition! 
To boost this, we’ve launched a photography competition for young people across Europe and beyond to participate in with their photographs in the hope that we can get them the recognition they deserve and that it helps us quickly develop our new part of the website.

While we run entirely voluntarily, we would like to offer 50 Euros as prize money to the winners as an incentive to get involved in this great project.

We’d love it if you contributed to this!

Incentive: Living Obituary 

We don’t have much to offer back to you (other than being part of the great success of an online European student movement) as lowly student writers, except our keen brains and writing skills. As an incentive to donate to us, we offer anyone giving more than 5 Euros the chance to recieve a ‘living obituary’ from us (because isn’t it annoying when they leave all the nice stuff to be said after you can’t hear it…)

The more you give, the more we’ll make you out to be a living saint; describing your achievements, you attractive qualities and your skills as a kite flyer/painter/calligrapher. The less you give, the more we casually implicate you in minor crimes. The equation is very easy to follow.

Donate Here

 Thank you for being part of something so worthwhile. Happy donating! 


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